BZX84C Series (300mW)


BZX84C Series (300mW)


SOT-23 SMD Plastic Package

These devices are also available in DO-35 (Hermetically Sealed Glass Axial Package) equivalents as BZX55C Series

Vf < 0.9V at If = 10mA for all Zeners in the BZX384C Series: 3.3V to 47V

Device Types
BZX84C 3V3
BZX84C 3V6
BZX84C 4V3
BZX84C 4V7
BZX84C 5V1
BZX84C 5V6
BZX84C 6V2
BZX84C 6V8
BZX84C 7V5
BZX84C 8V2
BZX84C 9V1
BZX84C 10
BZX84C 11
BZX84C 12
BZX84C 13
BZX84C 15
BZX84C 16
BZX84C 18
BZX84C 20
BZX84C 22
BZX84C 24
BZX84C 27
BZX84C 30
BZX84C 33
BZX84C 36
BZX84C 39
BZX84C 43
BZX84C 47

See the data sheet for BZX84C Series

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