1N5223B to 1N5279B


1N5223B to 1N5279B






DO-35 Glass Axial Package


Application: Excellent stability, reliability and better power dissipation


1N5223B 2.7 V

1N5224B 2.8V

1N5225B 3.0 V

1N5226B 3.3 V

1N5227B 3.6 V

1N5228B 3.9 V

1N5229B 4.3 V

1N5230B 4.7 V

1N5231B 5.1 V

1N5232B 5.6 V

1N5233B 6.0 V

1N5234B 6.2 V

1N5235B 6.8 V

1N5236B 7.5 V

1N5237B 8.2 V

1N5238B 8.7 V

1N5239B 9.1 V

1N5240B 10 V

1N5241B 11 V

1N5242B 12 V

1N5243B 13 V

1N5244B 14 V

1N5245B 15 V

1N5246B 16 V

1N5247B 17 V

1N5248B 18 V

1N5249B 19 V

1N5250B 20 V

1N5251B 22 V

1N5252B 24 V

1N5253B 25V

1N5254B 27V

1N5255B 28 V

1N5256B 30V

1N5257B 33V

1N5258B 36V

1N5259B 39V

1N5260B 43V

1N5261B 47V

1N5262B 51V

1N5263B 56V

1N5264B 60V

1N5265B 62V

1N5266B 68V

1N5267B 75V

1N5268B 82V

1N5269B 87V

1N5270B 91V

1N5271B 100V

1N5272B 110V

1N5273B 120V

1N5274B 130V

1N5275B 140V

1N5276B 150V

1N5277B 160V

1N5278B 170V

1N5279B 180V


See the data sheet for 1N527XB

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