Worldwide Reach

A deep distribution network propels sales, both locally and globally.

Global Sales Network

CDIL's global network for product sales and service is professionally coordinated by an expert team of knowledgeable managers. The team is spread over thirty five countries in over forty five locations worldwide. Thus CDIL is fully equipped to providing prompt and effective direct support to meeting the specific needs of OEM customers.

Over 45% of CDIL's production of Semiconductor Devices in both conventional Leaded Insertion Mount (wide range of axial, radial and dual inline packages), as well as Surface Mount Packages, are exported worldwide in competition with world majors in semiconductors. This serves as a testament to CDIL's product quality, price competitiveness and responsiveness.

CDIL (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong

For enhanced sales and logistic support close to our customers in S E Asia, China as well as  other international customer locations, CDIL (HK) Ltd., has been set-up where sales and warehousing activities are undertaken. In addition to New Delhi, shipments can be effected from Hong Kong per customer preference and logistic advantage. 

International Approvals

CDIL devices are approved by global authorities
- including EXACT, JSS, CACT, LCSO and C-DOT. 


National Network

Within India, CDIL's main offices are in New Delhi and Chandigarh, however the company has full fledged sales and marketing staff at its Regional Offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, and Field Sales personnel at Kolkota, Pune, Chennai, Palakkad. In addition, the Sales Network consists of a strong chain of distributors and dealers, spread all over the country, who provide products and services to customers at their doorsteps.

The CDIL's Technical and Application Support Groups constantly provide the expert backing to the Global Sales Network. The entire Network is engaged with an attitude of 'solutions to customer needs', working to meet a single-minded objective - meeting or exceeding customer expectations.