Environmental Policy

In line with our corporate values, we at CDIL are committed to demonstrating excellence in our environmental performance on a continual basis.

To achieve this, we:

  • Integrate environmental issues at the planning stage to reduce potential environmental impacts at source.
  • Institutionalise best environmental management practices including pollution prevention, adoption of cleaner technologies, effective resource management and waste avoidance.
  • Comply with all applicable Environmental Legislation.
  • Optimise consumption of resources, in particular water, energy and chemicals.
  • Strengthen employee awareness, skill and competence to ensure good environmental management as a part of their responsibility and accountability.
  • Periodically review our environmental objectives and targets.

Instructions for Proper Component Disposal

  1. CDIL Semiconductor Devices are RoHS compliant. Customers are requested to please dispose of them as per the prevailing Environmental Legislation of their Country.

  2. In Europe, please dispose as per the EU Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).


Lead Free & RoHS Compliant

All CDIL products are supplied with a Lead Free finish and are RoHS Compliant. This includes packages in glass, plastic and metal can, covering the wide range of surface mount and conventional leaded insertion mount devices.

We hold ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification and are alive to the global concerns of the environment. On a pro-active basis CDIL takes steps for continual improvement towards conserving natural resources with their judicious use and search for alternatives. 

In recognition of successfully implementing an environmental management system, Sony Corporation, awarded us with a Green Partner status way back in July, 2003.


ESD Qualification

Product Generic Details of the ESD Ratings (Human Body Model) of CDIL's  Semiconductor Devices. (Test  conducted  as  per  MIL- STD 750D, method 1020.2. Equipment used: IMCS 700)   

CDIL Product Type

Diodes - General Purpose, Switching & Schottky
Zener Diodes
Small Signal & General Purpose Transistors
Medium Power & Power Transistors
RF Transistors
Darlington Power Transistors
Darlington Small Signal Transistors

ESD  Class 

Class 3
Non Sensitive
Class 3
Non Sensitive
Class 2
Class 3
Class 2

ESD classifications as per Table 1020-III of MIL-STD 750D, method 1020-2 are: 

Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Non sensitive

0 Volt  to  1,999 Volts
2,000 Volt  to  3,999 Volts
4,000 Volt  to  15,999 Volts
Above 15,999 Volts