1.5KE6.8 - 1.5KE440CA


1.5KE6.8 - 1.5KE440CA


1.5KE6.8 - 1.5KE440CA






Application: Excellent Clamping Capability, Fast response time, RoHS Compliant

Device Types

1.5KE6.8 1.5KE6.8C 5.50V

1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8CA 5.80V

1.5KE7.5 1.5KE7.5C 6.05V

1.5KE7.5A 1.5KE7.5CA 6.40V

1.5KE8.2 1.5KE8.2C 6.63V

1.5KE8.2A 1.5KE8.2CA 7.02V

1.5KE9.1 1.5KE9.1C 7.37V

1.5KE9.1A 1.5KE9.1CA 7.78V

1.5KE10 1.5KE10C 8.10V

1.5KE10A 1.5KE10CA 8.55V

1.5KE11 1.5KE11C 8.92V

1.5KE11A 1.5KE11CA 9.40V

1.5KE12 1.5KE12C 9.72V

1.5KE12A 1.5KE12CA 10.2V

1.5KE13 1.5KE13C 10.5V

1.5KE13A 1.5KE13CA 11.1 V

1 5KE15 1.5KE15C 12.1 V

1.5KE15A 1.5KE15CA 12.8 V

1.5KE16 1.5KE16C 12.9 V

1.5KE16A 1.5KE16CA 13.6 V

1.5KE18 1.5KE18C 14.5 V

1.5KE18A 1.5KE18CA 15.3 V

1.5KE20 1.5KE20C 16.2 V

1.5KE20A 1.5KE20CA 17.1 V

1.5KE22 1.5KE22C 17.8 V

1.5KE22A' 1.5KE22CA 18.8V

1.5KE24 1.5KE24C 19.4 V

1.5KE24A 1.5KE24CA 20.5V

1.5KE27 1.5KE27C 21.8 V

1.5KE27A 1.5KE27CA 23.1 V

1.5KE30 1.5KE30C 24.3 V

1.5KE30A 1.5KE30CA 25.6 V

1.5KE33 1.5KE33C 26.8 V

1.5KE33A 1.5KE33CA 28.2 V

1.5KE36 1.5KE36C 29.1V

1.5KE36A 1.5KE36CA 30.8V

1.5KE39 1.5KE39C 31.6 V

1.5KE39A 1.5KE39CA 33.3V

1.5KE43 1.5KE43C 34.8V

1.5KE43A 1.5KE43CA 36.8V

1.5KE47 1.5KE47C 38.1V

1 5KE47A 1 5KE47CA 40.2V

1.5KE51 1.5KE51C 41.3V

1.5KE51A 1.5KE51CA 43.6V

1.5KE56 1.5KE56C 45.4V

1.5KE56A 1.5KE56CA 47.8V

1.5KE62 1.5KE62C 50.2V

1.5KE62A 1.5KE62CA 53.0V

1.5KE68 1.5KE68C 55.1 V

1.5KE68A 1.5KE68CA 58.1 V

1.5KE75 1.5KE75C 60.7 V

1.5KE75A 1.5KE75CA 64.1 V

1.5KE82 1.5KE82C 66.4 V

1.5KE82A 1 5KE82CA 70.1 V

1.5KE91 1.5KE91C 73.7 V

1.5KE91A 1.5KE91CA 77.8 V

1.5KE100 1.5KE100C 81.0 V

1.5KE100A 1.5KE100CA 85.5 V

1.5KE110 1.5KE110C 89.2 V

1.5KE110A 1.5KE110CA 94.0V

1.5KE120 1.5KE120C 97.2 V

1.5KE120A 1.5KE120CA 102 V

1.5KE130 1.5KE130C 105V

1.5KE130A 1.5KE130CA 111 V

1.5KE150 1.5KE150C 121 V

1.5KE150A 1.5KE150CA 128 V

1.5KE160 1.5KE160C 130 V

1.5KE160A 1.5KE160CA 136 V

1.5KE170 1.5KE170C 138 V

1.5KE170A 1.5KE170CA 145 V

1.5KE180 1.5KE180C 146 V

1.5KE180A 1.5KE180CA 154 V

1.5KE200 1.5KE200C 162 V

1.5KE200A 1.5KE200CA 171 V

1.5KE220 1.5KE220C 175 V

1.5KE220A 1.5KE220CA 185 V

1.5KE250 1.5KE250C 202 V

1.5KE250A 1.5KE250CA 214 V

1 5KE300 1.5KE300C 243 V

1.5KE300A 1.5KE300CA 256 V

1.5KE350 1.5KE350C 284 V

1.5KE350A 1.5KE350CA 300 V

1.5KE400 1.5KE400C 324 V

1.5KE400A 1.5KE400CA 342 V

1.5KE440 1.5KE440C 356 V

1.5KE440A 1.5KE440CA 376 V

See the data sheet for 1.5KE

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